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[row] [column md=”6″ lg=”6″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″] [funeral_lead_font]We try to answer some of the questions people have when they experience the death of a loved one or someone close.[/funeral_lead_font]

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[/column] [/row] [row] [column md=”4″ lg=”4″ sm=”6″ xs=”12″ class=”col-sm-clearboth”] [funeral_advice_tips_box title=”Grief Supports” button_text=”VIEW GRIFE SUPPORT” button_url=”#”]Grief support is a grief recovery support group where you can find help and healing for the hurt of losing a loved one.[/funeral_advice_tips_box] [/column] [column md=”4″ lg=”4″ sm=”6″ xs=”12″] [funeral_advice_tips_box title=”Funeral Etiquette” button_text=”More on funeral etiquette” button_url=”#”]Etiquette for dealing with the death of a friend or family member. If ever there were a time for decorum to be upheld.[/funeral_advice_tips_box] [/column] [column md=”4″ lg=”4″ sm=”6″ xs=”12″ class=”col-sm-clearboth”] [funeral_advice_tips_box title=”Sympathy Letters” button_text=”View More” button_url=”#”]Writing a sympathy letter or note of condolence can be hard. Our guide tells you what to write in letter of sympathy.[/funeral_advice_tips_box] [/column] [column md=”4″ lg=”4″ sm=”6″ xs=”12″] [funeral_advice_tips_box title=”Questions about Death” button_text=”Read More” button_url=”#”]Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametetur ame piscing elittra a, egestas ac sapien Maecenas non venenatis lentesqu ardo eleifend sit amet eget leo.[/funeral_advice_tips_box] [/column] [column md=”4″ lg=”4″ sm=”6″ xs=”12″ class=”col-sm-clearboth”] [funeral_advice_tips_box title=”Helping aFriends” button_text=”get support” button_url=”#”]Maecenas non venenatis urna. Pellentesque congue leo eu dui mollis tristique. Nam non arcu eget feleifend sit amet eget leo.[/funeral_advice_tips_box] [/column] [column md=”4″ lg=”4″ sm=”6″ xs=”12″] [funeral_advice_tips_box title=”Helpful Organasation” button_text=”get advice & Support” button_url=”#”]Mauris vitae felis tincidunt ntum tortor finibus, iaculis leo. Donec a fermentum magna. Donec faucibus Nam pelida neque ultricies.[/funeral_advice_tips_box] [/column] [/row]